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Magic and illusion sale including costumes, props and general theatrical equipment

Warehouse Clearance Sale

The sale list below clarifies which items are still for sale and which are now SOLD. For sale inquires please call 01763 852691 or email

All items for sale are generally in good working order, although they have been used on numerous shows and some might require a little cosmetic renovation. Purchasers must satisfy themselves of the suitability and safety of the items for their own requirements and no responsibility will be accepted by the seller for inappropriate or unsafe use.

Instruction and advice will be provided for all items if required, but please note that the full modus operandi of exclusive or dealer items will not be disclosed until a sale is agreed.

Refurbishment or redecoration can be arranged at cost if required.

Most of the illusions have been built or refurbished in our own workshops to our exacting touring standards.  Some have been built for specific static shows (eg. pantomime) or television shows.

Appointments to view: Should be made by telephone to 01763 852691 (office hours). 


Full detailed list of items for sale below followed by a photos gallery:


Categories of sale

  1. Stage illusions

  2. General stage magic

  3. Small props and dealer items

  4. Children’s magic

  5. Silk and flower magic

  6. Dove magic

  7. Utility items and materials

  8. Vintage and collectors’ items

  9. Costume

  10. Scenic items

  11. Stage and technical equipment

  12. Miscellaneous


Stage illusions

1. Modern Art with 3 swords and travel crate 

2. Hindu Sword Basket with 4 swords and sword-stand. The basket is currently covered in silver metallic textile but this can easily be removed to re-instate the traditional wicker basket.

3. Perspex and steel table on castors suitable for Hindu basket or other illusions

4. Revolution (Mark Parker concept) - SOLD

5. Rings Escape with curtain

6. Sawing in Half - SOLD

7. Flash appearance throne

8. Three Sword Suspension (scimitars) with harness. Also with removable board for alternative presentation

9. Hot Air balloon suspension

10. Ultimate Divide Plus

11. Assistant’s Revenge decorated as Chinese dragon

12. Sanction (Mark Parker concept)

13. Spiker (from a Rand Woodbury concept) - ON LOAN (available January 2020)

14. Gamolo levitation with remote controlled opening table dressed as picture frames

15. Artist’s Dream easel - SOLD

16. Dissolve (Mark Parker concept)

17. Mincer  - SOLD

18. De Kolta chair - SOLD

19. Fire Cage with red cover

20. Proteus Cabinet with optional cage front - SOLD

21. Deceptive Steps with base for building into a prop

22. Egyptian Temple including Asrah table

23. Mummy Case

24. Pyramid production

25. Cube Zag 3 - SOLD

26. Chair Suspension

27. See Saw with travel case and quantity of pegs

28. Cage and rostrum to vanish assistant

28. Lights Through Body - SOLD

30. Three Head Monte

31. Babe in a Box - SOLD

32. Sword in Stone (crystal rock on stand) - SOLD

33. ZigZag (refurbishment project)

34. Counterweight levitation system

35. Water levitation

36. Handcart

37. Cauldron approx 3ft - SOLD

38. Fan penetration

39. Broom cabinet with bottom escape

List to be continued

General Stage Magic

201. Black art table

202. Furnace of destiny


Silk and Flower Magic


501. Double tree stump with rose production and a single stump

502. Barrel to Flowers (roses)

503. Feather botania

504. Ditto

506. Ditto

507. N/A

508. Quantity of feather bouquets

509. Ditto

510. Ditto

511. Large quantity of general silks

512. Printed silks, including some rare vintage items

Dove magic

601. Ornate Victorian-style cage with switching device and landing rail. With cabinet stand

602. Where Do The Doves Go? with 2 cage options

603. Floral Dove Fantasy (Supreme)

604. Dove/boa transposition in clear plastic box

605. Special fake dove

606. Dove Tray (double load)

607. Travel cage

608. 2 travel cages

609. 2 travel cages

List to be continued

Doves also available

Scenic items

1001. 8’ diameter gold flower (opens as inverted parasol)

1002. 2 no purple silk fans c 12’ diameter (line operated)

1003. 3 vintage laundry skips

1004. 8 no 3’ diameter GRP spheres

1005. Various male, female and child mannequins, parts and moulds

1006. Suit of Armour (ABS) on stand holding optional display shelf

1007. 3’ diameter pin wheels

1008. Scaffold pole arches c. 4m diameter x 4.5m high with sign boards

1009. Cauldron approx 3ft - SOLD

1010. 4no. Scenic banners and frames approx. 10’ x 4’ including 4 sets of medieval banners and 1 set black drapes.  Frames disassemble for travel.

List to be continued

Stage and technical equipment

1101. Zero 88 XLS 24 channel memory board.  As new, little used.

1102. Rack of Zero 88  1kw dimmer and switcher packs

1103. Pulsar dimmers 6 x 2kw

1104. Various sound equipment

1105. Exhibition stem lights – 12 v dichroics – and transformers

1106. 500w halogen flood lights, some unused

1107. Various 240v motors

1108. Le Maitre Pyroflash system – 2 way

1109. Le Maitre Pyroflash system – 6way - as new

1110. Pair of Kodak Carousel projectors, spare body, and cross fade controller

1111. Various vintage lanterns incl. Pat 23, Pat 123, Pat 264, Furse etc.

1112. 4no 5kw Studio floods

1113. Box of 12v par 56 lamps (unused)

1114. Battery powered air pumps

1115. Various vintage and assorted luminaires for set dressing

1116. Various vintage electronic equipment

1117. Various pumps and water feature components

List to be continued



1201. A quantity of scaffolding arches - approx 4m diameter with sign boards

1202. 20’diameter circular heavy duty duo truss in four sections

1203. Pair of black wool serge tabs - SOLD





















































































































































































































































































































































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